April 2024 

BeltStyles, LLC, is a small business offering resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, writing, editing, and proofreading services. Through clear communication of the written word, BeltStyles helps clients articulate who they are professionally or improve their document’s content and format. While a clearly written resume may increase the likelihood of generating [recruiter / potential employer] interest in a client’s profile, BeltStyles does not claim to guarantee that clients will get a job. 


BeltStyles offers its Services virtually, primarily through Google Docs so that both parties (BeltStyles and Client) can view and edit the document in real time. Only in rare cases does Hallie Belt (Owner of BeltStyles) meet Client in person but will do so at a mutually agreeable site. 


BeltStyles provides one free 15-minute consultation to Client so that the latter understands BeltStyles’ highly collaborative process, specifically for the resume and cover letter. 


  • Venmo
  • Zelle

Client agrees to pay the resume price to BeltStyles in two installments upon completion of specific milestones:

1. Client pays first installment before receiving first draft of resume.

2. Client pays resume balance after receiving fourth draft of resume. 

1-page resume costs $325.

1.5-page resume costs $375.

2-page resume costs $450. (This is the standard resume length.)


1. To collaborate with BeltStyles, Client needs the following: 

  • Computer (Microsoft Word) 
  • Resume (if the Client doesn’t have a resume, BeltStyles will collaborate with Client to create one) 
  • Google Docs 
  • A method of virtual communication: FaceTime, Google Meet, Telephone, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. 
  1. Client Homework 
  • Client will provide BeltStyles with 2 job descriptions (requirements and qualifications for a job) that interest Client. From the job descriptions, BeltStyles will create homework. 
  • If the job descriptions are relatively short, Client can use a total of 3 job descriptions. 
  • However, if the first 2 job descriptions are a normal length and capture the key words but Client wants a third job description, BeltStyles charges $75 or more for each extra job description, as reviewing that information and integrating it into the resume requires more of BeltStyles’ time. 


  • Completing the resume necessitates that BeltStyles and Client hold 2 or 3 consultations lasting 1 hour each. This amount of interaction should be sufficient for BeltStyles and the Client to complete the resume. 
  • If Client requires more than 3 consultations, BeltStyles will charge Client $75/hour. 


Client agree to the final content of the resume, cover letter, or any document and serves as the final approval for the document, including contact information, names, years, etc. Final payment  and approval constitutes acceptance of final content of services rendered. 


  • After Client and BeltStyles have completed the resume process, Client is expected to store his or her resume in a safe place; however, BeltStyles will, most likely, keep Client resume and cover letter for up to 1 year after collaboration ends but is not obligated to do so


Either Party may terminate this Agreement if:

1. Client does not follow up with BeltStyles within one (1) month after first collaboration on resume. BeltStyles may assume Client no longer holds interest in BeltStyles’ services; or

2. Client is too difficult to work with or holds subjective obligations that BeltStyles cannot meet; therefore, BeltStyles may terminate relationship with Client; or

3. Client fails to provide payment upon receipt of the first draft; therefore, BeltStyles shall no longer continue providing Services for Client. 

*BeltStyles does not offer refunds for services rendered, as BeltStyles will have already spent a substantial amount of time on the project, provided information about the process to Client, and given material to Client to complete the process.

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